IKIGAI Consult offers support in scientific, regulatory and quality matters requiring, with varying degrees of complexity and precision, for example:

  • Brainstorming and analytical sessions on challenges, ideas and projects

  • Preparation and iterative refinement of solutions

  • Validation of solutions and related project proposals

  • Presenting, managing, implementing and / or adapting agreed project proposals

Regulatory affairs

In particular:

  • Registration and Evaluation of chemicals under REACH Regulation and REACH-like schemes internationally

  • Classification and labeling of chemicals under GHS and EU-CLP Regulation

  • Assessment of chemicals under EU-RoHS Directive

  • Restriction of chemicals under workplace and product restriction policies

Knowledge building in progress:

  • New Plastics Economy

  • EU Plastics Strategy

  • Sorting of plastics

  • Recycling of industrial plastics

  • Circularity of plastics

Scientific Review

  • Hazard, exposure and risk assessment of chemicals

  • Weight of Evidence assessments

  • Read-across and grouping

  • Toxicological profiles of chemicals for consumer information

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