About Us

15 years of experience in various industry sectors

Caroline and Etienne are two engineers with almost opposing interests and skills. One is a biotechnology engineer, loving nature, plants, animals, who has worked for several non-profit industry associations; the other is a chemical engineer, computer-geek, crazy about modern technologies and gadgets, who has worked in several departments of one of the vaccine giants. She likes structure, order and putting herself in the customer's shoes. He enjoys 'out of the box' thinking and leading projects. He likes to talk, she likes to write ...

The reason Caroline and Etienne created IKIGAI Consult is the need to learn and to feed their insatiable curiosity while contributing their little stone to building a better world. IKIGAI Consult will enable them to achieve this wish for fulfillment by giving them the key to access to various sectors, companies and missions.

The complementarity of their profiles is obvious. Together, they are able to see far without forgetting the solidity of the start, to reflect while delivering concrete results, to understand customers while offering them to think outside the box and to dare to venture into anticipation and innovation. With well-being is at the heart of any initiative or project, the three key values ​​of IKIGAI are:

  • Competence: we will work above all for customer satisfaction, by applying and developing our know-how with the aim of excellence and quality.

  • Moral conduct: we will always be responsible, loyal and passionate, while respecting the principles and values ​​specific to the client.

  • Development: our involvement in any project will always be aware of the importance of entourage and personal development, guaranteeing continued passion and motivation.

E-mail : contact@ikigai-consult.com