IKIGAI Consult

Your multi-disciplinary partner

A consultant is an expert in a given field, who offers his/her expertise in the form of advice to companies. The consultant therefore, has the role of a specialist. After having made an assessment of the state of the problem in the company, (s)he will make appropriate recommendations and, if necessary, also oversee the implementation of these within the organization.

Not just another consultancy ...

We don't want to become the cliché of the consultant, that is, "someone who takes the watch off your wrist to tell you the time".

It becomes increasingly difficult to find, train and retain employees able to function with full multi-disciplinarity. As a result, companies lack human resources capable of tackling complex topics which require experience and expertise in several areas at the same time. The consultancy option provides the possibility of working with a team of experts and the knowledge these have built during years of previous professional experience.

The originality of IKIGAI Consult is in its aim to retain a human size and a focused support in human and environmental science, regulatory affairs and quality assurance, while investing in continuous self-study and education to best meet its network’s needs as well as those of its possible ramifications.

E-mail : contact@ikigai-consult.com